Frequently asked questions


1. What is All Indiana?

All Indiana is a state-wide one day online giving event (campaign) to support and celebrate the non- profit organizations working hard to make Indiana a better place. All Indiana is a partnered program of the Paul Fangman Jr Foundation.

2. When is it ?

This 24-hour event kicks off on Wednesday, August 30th 2016 at 7:30pm EST and concludes on Thursday, August 30th 2016 at 7:30pm EST

3. Where is it?

All Indiana is an online event. You can make your donation at

4.Who benefits from this program?

The State of Indiana! This program was developed with the idea and belief that community leaders, businesses and local Hoosiers want to support and help individuals in the communities in which they live. This program creates a unity within the state and directly impacts the organizations and individuals with the financial support they will receive.

Non Profits

1.How can Indiana non profits participate?

Simply click on the following link and start the process.

2.What organizations are eligible for All Indiana?

To participate in the All Indiana giving day, an organization must:

  • Have a physical address in the State of Indiana
  • Be a tax exempt organization with the State of Indiana
  • Grants, programs and services must aid those in the State of Indiana
  • Must be a registered organization in good standing with state regulations
  • Have all documents, provided by All Indiana, signed and returned by September 15th 2015

3.How much does the program cost non profits?

The All Indiana program is FREE for organizations to participate!

4. How will we receive our funds from the campaign?

Each and every organization will have the ability to set up a direct deposit account allowing donation funds to be controlled by each individual organization.


1.Who Can Donate?

Any individual or company who would like to support our/your community. You just need a credit card and internet access to make your contribution.

2. Are gifts/donations tax-deductible?

All gifts/donations are tax deductible. You will receive your contribution information directly from the organization(s) you financially support.

3. What forms of donations are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express will be accepted for your donation contributions. All donations will be directly deposited into the organizations account.

4. What if I cannot find the organization I would like to support?

Please contact them (directly) and encourage them to participate in the All Indiana giving program. They must qualify under state requirements.

5. Is there a fee charged for the online donation?

All Indiana will receive 3.5% service fee of the gross amount of the contribution. Donors will be given the option to pay the 3.5% fee at the time of the contribution. Traditional credit card fees will apply.

6. Can my company match my donation?

Yes! We have a corporate-match challenge which allows your company to create their own campaign profile which will automatically match your donation. (If you are interested in learning more about the corporate-match challenge please email corporate at [email protected] )

If you did not find the organization you support, please let us know. We will contact them for 2016.